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Students produce a creative, high-quality yearbook that is a permanent record of the school year. Activities include selling ads, mastering journalism skills, taking photos, attending workshops, and meeting deadlines. Juniors or seniors may request enrollment during course registration. See more here. Ms. Becky Gasaway, advisor

Yearbook buying information:

Yearbooks will be sold during the following time periods during the 2020-21 school year.

  • Aug 24 - Sep 30 ($48)
  • Oct 1 - Mar 31 ($50)
  • Apr 1 - May 28 ($55)

Yearbooks may be ordered at school through Ms. Gasaway in room #124 or on-line at during these time periods. Click the following link to order:

Senior picture info: HHHS allows seniors to submit their portraits for the senior section of the book which makes communication, planning, and responsibility very important.  We want all graduating seniors to have their photos in the yearbook!  Please be aware that seniors may opt to have their photo taken on school picture day by the school photographer.They may also contact the yearbook staff in advance of the deadline regarding a yearbook staff member taking their picture.
All photos submitted should be in digital format; this policy allows for better quality in both the yearbook and the local newspapers in May.  This year's cut-off date for submitting images for the 2020-21 HHHS yearbook is February 15, 2021.   Please ensure the image selected for publication is sent to [email protected] at 300 resolution or higher.   We send a confirmation email for every senior picture we receive by email.  If you cannot provide a digital image, please contact us to allow us to help resolve the situation.
Most area photographers are aware of our deadline and often wait to send all of the Heritage Hills' seniors at one time. However, if you become concerned, please check with the photographer. Each year we post a list of senior photos we've received as the deadline approaches.  Also, if you think you've selected a photographer who may not be aware of our policies, please give us the contact information or have the studio contact us.
The photo chosen for yearbook submission by the student must be school appropriate, portrait orientation, and adhere to the dress code regulations that follow:

  1. Hats, bandanas, and sunglasses are not to be worn.
  2. All shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must reach the knee. Compression shorts and/or leggings must be worn under inappropriate school dress.
  3. Clothing that states, implies, or displays any reference to drugs, vulgar language, alcohol, beer, whiskey, tobacco products, nudity, or anything else that may be considered disruptive to the educational process is not allowed.
  4. Jeans and pants may not have visible holes or slits in them.
  5. All clothing covering the upper body must have sleeves and not expose any cleavage, bare midriff front or back, underarm areas, or undergarments.

Please contact the yearbook staff at [email protected] or Ms. Gasaway at (812) 937-2400, ext. 2124 with your questions or concerns.

Senior recognition ad/Baby ad information:

Senior Ad Order Form | Senior Picture Yearbook Policy | Image Letter and Dress Code

Parents of seniors may choose to purchase space in the yearbook to feature their graduate with a picture and message. Typically parents choose baby pictures, but the photo could be of the graduate at any age. Senior Ads are due by February 15, 2021 which is also the due date for senior picture submission. All pictures submitted will be available for pick-up in the spring; they will not be mailed back to you. Please call (812) 937-2400 ext. 2124 with any questions or concerns. All pictures which are emailed should be sent to [email protected] at a resolution of 300 or higher.
We reserve the right to edit or not publish any material deemed inappropriate.
Please click the above link to print the form. You may choose to scan the photo and email the message if you'd prefer.

Payment may be given to Ms. Gasaway in room #124 or mailed to:

Heritage Hills High School
Attn: Yearbook Staff
3644 E. CR 1600 N.
Lincoln City, IN 47552

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